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Traffic Generation 101

From: Soren Jordansen & Cindy Battye

Dear Friend,

Have you put all of the effort into coming up with your website idea, building the website and making it something you are really proud of - only to have 'YOU' being the only one that see's it?

Have you spent day after day refreshing your traffic stats, hoping that SOMEONE - ANYONE (besides your partner... whom you had to basically BEG to visit your site) would come and see what you have been working tirelessly on.

The basic fact is that it doesn't matter how gorgeous your site is, or how persuasive your copywriting is etc - if you don't have the traffic - nothing else you are doing matters!

Traffic Generation 101

No traffic stone is left uncovered.  We will walk you through the process of driving masses of targeted, hungry buyers to your pages.

How would your income benefit from 20 extra visitors a day?  What about 100 visitors a day?  Want 1,000?  We can show you how easy it is!

It's All A Numbers Game!

Let me share some numbers with you.

4842, 2%, 140, 4%, $392, $2.80

Confused enough?  It doesn't need to be confusing at all - and.. once you get started, you will be excited about these numbers as I am!

This is a screenshot of traffic stats for ONE of my sites.  I took it on the 2nd of July '09 - and ALL of this traffic is from sources that I have done Absolutely Nothing with for the last 4 months.

So, back to the numbers.

4842 = number of visitors that my site receives on average per day.  These are unique visitors - as you can see, many of the visitors come back more than once.

2% = this is the number of people that I get, on average, who decide to sign up and access my program.  This site is free to join, so - yes, this is seriously low.  General industry standards show that you can get from 10%-35% optin rate on a free to join product - using certain traffic generation methods, BUT - remember that I am using completely hands-free methods, so - who am I to complain with a mere 2% optin!

140 = Using these methods, I am able to get on average, 140 new people joining my site EVERY DAY

4% = Out of these 140 people who join for free, around 4% of them will purchase the upgrade offer.

$392 = This converts to almost $400 a day in sales.  This is every day, and the systems that we give to you are ones that you can put into place - and have grow - each day... building more traffic (and income) as the months go by.

$2.80 = This is the 'pre free member' reward.  This is a very important number - because I know that when I bring a new free member into my site - this is roughly how much each and every single one is worth to me.

I am not showing you these numbers to say 'la-dee-dah... look what I can do'... but rather, to show you just how our system works.  You CAN drive traffic to your sites - we have proven this, You CAN turn that traffic into income - and it's not as hard as you think!

Click Here To Get Started Now!

We have literally covered every type of traffic imaginable - and not only provided it in an easy to follow module, by module training series - but we also reward you for completing modules.  When you have finished each module, you will be given access to exclusive audio interviews with well respected people in the field - people like Mike Filsaime, Simon Hodkingson, Jeremy Gislason, Dan Lok, Richard Butler, Former COO of Aesop Marketing, Phil Chapman and many more.

Here is just some of what you will be given instant access to - and, we are adding more in, as new innovative methods hit the internet.

Traffic Generation 101 Covers All of The Traffic Creation Methods, Such as:

Article Marketing, Blog Traffic, Craiglist Advertising, Email Marketing, Forum Marketing, Integration Marketing, Pay Per Click (Adwords), Safelist, Traffic Exchange, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Squidoo, YouTube Video Marketing... and MORE!

Get FULL Unlimited Access For Only $67

This is a once-off payment and entitles you to any future updates for as long as you choose to keep your membership.

To your success!
Soren Jordansen & Cindy Battye

P.S.  Every day that you are not getting traffic is an extra day that you are missing out on the income that your site deserves.  What do you want your traffic stats to look like in 3, 4 or 6 months from now?